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I have always dreamt of opening a place like SAYASA. I struggled with my weight for years but finally managed to win the battle. I would like to share my success with you and help you.

I originally thought that if I got my master’s degree in nutrition I could solve my problem; however, I realized that just knowing what to eat and not to eat does not always help you maintain a healthy weight. Otherwise, we would be all thin just from reading information in the newspapers, magazines and on the internet. I have been to many weight loss centers in many different locations around the world to lose weight.  As I stayed at those centers, I watched both myself and the other clients in respect of how they acted and reacted. Finally, I realized that only you yourself hold the key. I can only help you to use that key.

When we go along this path together I want you to ask yourself this question: Do I really want to lose weight? What prevents me from losing the weight?” When you really want something very much you can overcome all the obstacles. What is preventing you? People don’t have weight problems, but they have eating problems. In order to solve the problem we have to find out the reason behind it. Otherwise, the solutions will always be temporary.
If you are one of those tired warriors who have been struggling with your weight problem and decided not to fight anymore, I can tell you this much: I hope that you find a part of yourself at SAYASA and that we could help you here.

I hope that you all stay with love and feel it every second of your life.

A little but a very important note: I would like to thank Hakan Arabacioglu who designed my website and Ekin Ilkbag who took the pictures for my website for everything from the bottom of my heart.

Didem Kanca Ustay MS, RD