• What is Colon Hydrotherapy ?

    A colonic is a safe, pain-free, and relaxing procedure that cleans the entire large intestine

    Colon Hydrotherapy is a very important starting point for the road to healthier nutrition 

    The importance of a clean colon cannot be easily understated. The colon is considered as the sewage of system of our body. When functioning properly, it works like a well-oiled machine. Your colon’s health is directly linked to your body’s well-being. However, factors such as wrong diets, stress, and caffeine slow down its proper functioning. When you do not eliminate properly, deposits of waste matter build up along the walls of your colon or in the pockets of the colon. These pockets may make it difficult for the body to absorb minerals and nutrients through the intestinal walls. Luckily, with a method of gentle cleaning, called colonics, the colon can be cleansed and relaxed.

    The process:

    A colonic is a safe, pain-free, and relaxing procedure that cleans the entire large intestine. It is considered to be a healing method of bathing the colon with warm, purified water. This cleansing helps eliminate stored fecal matter, toxic substances, mucus, and gas. The colonics therapist introduces warm, purified water slowly into your colon via a speculum and tubing. When pressure builds up in the colon, the water is gently released to empty the colon without any effort, odor, or noise. Your body releases fecal matter out naturally during the process.


    All equipment used during the process is for one-time use only and disposed right after the session. The colonics room is completely sterilized, comfortable, and quiet. It conveniently adjoins a bathroom. Please keep in mind that every person is unique in the number and frequency of treatment they need.

    After the session:

    After the first colonic session, SAYASAprovides professional consultations on whether you should repeat the process and why. Each person learns if he/she is chewing, assimilating, and digesting food properly. Colonics also produce remarkable emotional benefits. It is amazing to see the psychological effects it creates on people. For example, very controlling people learn to let it go, and enjoy not being in charge all the time. Colonics can also be used as a relaxing method for the body and thus for the soul.

    Working hours: 08:00 - 20:00 weekdays

    Each Colonics session is 45 minutes long. For further information please contact SAYASA.


    • New York University, Steinhardt School of Education, New York 2000-2003
      Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition
      Thesis: The effects of American food on the weight of international students who come to study in the U.S.
    • Georgetown University, Washington D.C. 1998-2000
      Coursework in Biology, Chemistry and Nutrition
    • Georgetown University, School of Business, Washington D. C. 1994-1998
      Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
      Concentration: Finance and International Business


    • "I will start my DIET tomorrow", Istanbul 2014
      Published the first print of her book about healthy eating habits and dieting tips. In 2017 the third print came out with the extension of a new chapter on "infant and child nutrition".In 2018 the fourth print came out with more information about the link between nutrition and media.

    • Keystone International Schools, Istanbul 2012
      Prepared the school menu composed of all organic and natural products. In each meal children are able to choose from a variety of healthy nutritious foods that will allow them grow up in the healthiest way possible

    • Yeditepe University, Istanbul 2011-2017
      Taught a course called ‘Counseling Applications’ to junior year students

    • NTV, Istanbul 2009
      Hosted a live TV show called "5 Kere 5" (5 times 5) for 6 months and talked about different aspects of healthy eating
    • Vivitro in affiliation with Çapa Hospital, Istanbul 2007
      Took a part in a clinical study about the relation between migraine and food intolerance

    • Vivitro (Dr. Serdar Eren Health Center), Istanbul 2005-2007
      Interpreted clients’ Imu Pro 300 Food Intolerance Test results and counseled them how to follow a proper diet according to the test results

    • SAYASA - The Art of Healthy Living Center, Istanbul 2005-Present
      Founder and manager, counseling clients in nutrition

    • St. Vincent’s Hospital in affiliation with NYU, New York 2002-2003
      Applied different diet plans for patients with various health problems

    • Van Itallie Center for Nutrition and Weight Management, St Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital, New York 2001
      Attended nutrition counseling sessions
      Researched various factors related to obesity

    • Bariatric Surgery Department,St Luke's Roosevelt Hospital, New York  2001
      Counseled patients after the surgery and followed-up with their nutrition status 

    • Virgina Department of Health, Virginia 1999
      Performed nutritional assessments of pregnant/breastfeeding women, infants, and children for WIC Program (Women, Infants, Children)


    • Hasan Sadoglu Middle School,Istanbul 2019
      Talked about the requirements of basic needs for healthy eating and healthy living with Pinar Dogan. Had an interactive presentation with the students.  

    • Istanbul Girls Techical and Vocational High School,  Istanbul 2019
      Talked about the effect of media on new generation's eating habits and the positive influence of physical activity on academic performance. Presented with Pinar Dogan.
    • The Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Ankara 2018
      Met with Congressman Mr. Sefer Aycan. Talked about the situation of Nutrition and Dietetic Departments at the universities whether they are sufficient in terms of giving the proper education or not. Also mentioned the difficulties of finding a job in this area. Handed in a detailed report to be examined by the congressman. 

    • G&A Healthy Life Center,Bursa 2018
      Talked about how to be a smart media follower. Presented with Pinar Dogan. 

    • Health Sciences University,Istanbul 2018
      Talked about how physical activity and healthy eating can affect academic performance. Presented with Pinar Dogan. 

    • Martyr Ilhan Sezer Religious Middle School,Bolu 2018
      Talked about how our eating habits can be directed by our parents and the possible side effects of eating in front of the screen. Presented with Pinar Dogan.

    • Eyup Ozdemir Religious Middle School,Bolu 2018
      Talked about hidden advertisements and the TV programmes and their effects on our eating habits. Presented with Pinar Dogan.
    • Orhan Cemal Fersoy Anatolian High School,Istanbul 2018
      Talked about the traps of media in nutrition and the hidden advertisements. Presented with Pinar Dogan.

    • Gelisim University,Istanbul 2018
      “True Talks About Nutrition’18” organized by Biotechonology and Life Sciences Club. Attended as a speaker with Pinar Dogan to talk about the traps of media in nutrition and the hidden advertisements.

    • Okan University,Istanbul 2018
      Who is responsible for healthy cooking? The dietitians or the chefs?” Talked about the importance of co-operation between the dietitians and the chefs. Presented with Pinar Dogan to the Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts.

    • Tokat Oku-Yorum Club,Tokat 2018
      Was invited by the women's book club of Tokat. Talked about the book called "I will Start My Diet Tomorrow" with Pinar Dogan. 

    • Bodrum Science Schools, Bodrum 2018
      Was invited for the "World Diabetes Day". Talked about the connection between obesity and diabetes. 

    • Beykent TV, Istanbul 2018
      An interview with the producer Goksenin Kosar about "Who is Didem Kanca Ustay and her book "I will start my diet tomorrow"?"

    • Bahcesehir Kindergarten,Istanbul 2018 The questions of kindergarten parents about healthy eating and how to feed their kids in the healthiest way are answered with Pinar Dogan.

    • TV 5, Bizimhane, Istanbul 2018
      Talked about the effects of media on people's desire to lose weight and the possible fatal effects of weight loss supplements. 

    • Artvin Coruh University, Artvin 2018
      Presented to the Nutrition and Dietetic students on Career Day. Talked about the importance of media in terms of nutrition around the world. Gave tips on “how to be successful” with Pinar Dogan.

    • Rustu Akin Technical Anatolian High School,Istanbul 2018
      Talked about the effects of media on young generation’s appearance and eating disorders with Pinar Dogan

    • New York University Alumni Club, Istanbul 2018
      Talked about the effects of hidden and seen food advertisements on the public’s eating habits and what people should watch out for when working in high-rise buildings. Presented with Alp Sirman, M.D and Pinar Dogan. 

    • Akyazi Anatolian High School,Sakarya 2018
      Talked about how students should question the news about nutrition in media and social media. Presented with Pinar Dogan.

    • Bosphorus University,Gastronomy and Degustation Club,Istanbul 2018
      The students asked all kinds of questions about healthy eating and living.  

    • Kucukyali ECA Elginkan Elementary School,Istanbul 2018
      Presented a speech titled “The children are the reflection of their caregivers” with Pinar Dogan.

    • Yenilevent Anatolia High School,Istanbul 2018
      Talked about the possible traps of media and social media in terms of healthy eating and what to watch out for when they are getting ready for the university entrance exams. Presented with Pinar Dogan

    • Maltepe Feyzullah Turgay Ciner Middle School,Istanbul 2018
      Talked about what the students should watch out for when they eat in the cafeteria of the school and the possible negative effects of media about healthy eating. Presented with Pinar Dogan.

    • Galatasaray High School, Istanbul 2017
      “The effects of Social Media on the young generation”  Presented with Pinar Dogan

    • Gumushane University, Gumushane 2017“The Media traps in nutrition” Presented a detailed information with Pinar Dogan about how the media change the perception of people when it comes to nutrition.

    • Ustay Construction,Istanbul 2017
      Talked about the truth behind the media and the environmental effect of the food we consume with Pinar Dogan. 

    • Rotary Club, Istanbul 2017
      Talked about food perception management by giving various detailed examples with Pinar Dogan.

    • Bosphorus University,Istanbul 2017
      Gave a presentation to the Professors of the Bosphorus University and the teachers of the kindergarten at the university. Talked about infant-child nutrition.

    • SAYASA,Istanbul 2017
      Performed a special presentation to 30 mothers who have babies aged between 4 and 12 months about transition to solid foods with Pinar Dogan.

    • United Nations,Istanbul 2017
      Talked about nutrition and its effect on the environment. Prepared the presentation with Pinar Dogan who is a dietitian as well.

    • TEDx IKU, Istanbul 2017
      Participated as a speaker which Istanbul Kultur University organized. The subject was “Obese Media” The video is on youtube.

    • CNNTurk, Special Agenda ,Istanbul 2017
      Attended a programme with Prof.Dr. Mehmet Ali Yerdel, Dr. Aydin Ugur, Dr. Aysegul Coruhlu, Psychologist Serap Duygulu that Deniz Bayramoglu presented. Discussed  new trends in healthy eating habits and the importance of colon as the second brain. Also mentioned the importance of psychology before going on a diet and going through the bariatric surgery.  

    • ZUBİZU Kids Bazaar, Istanbul 2017
      Talked about the importance of childhood nutrition. Mentioned the mistakes that most parents make when feeding their kids. Warned the parents about the mistakes of the  mom bloggers and children's cookbook writers and that they shouldn't take their advise. Highly emphasized the importance of our cultural cuisine. 

    • Suadiye Haci Mustafa Tarman Anatolia High School,Istanbul 2017
      Talked with Pinar Dogan about how media and social media affect teenagers’ nutritional habits and change their perception of food.

    • TVNET, Health Report,Istanbul 2017
      Answered the presenter Aysenur Asuman Ugur's questions about how cartoons affect the way kids eat and the unhealthy subliminal messages they give. Also talked about the importance of parents as role models. 

    • Atakoy Ataturk Middle School, Istanbul 2017
      Presented with Pinar Dogan to middle school parents. Talked about the basic principles of healthy nutrition habits. Talked about the negative effects of media and social media by using visuals such as videos, photos.

    • Atakoy 60.Yil Middle School, Istanbul 2017
      Presented to middle school children with Pinar Dogan the negative effects of media on healthy nutrition habits. Also emphasized that there shouldn't be any advertisements of any kinds of food since. Its not ethical.

    • Sehit Muhir Alkan Science High School,Istanbul 2017
      Talked with Pinar Dogan about how media and social media affect teenagers’ nutritional habits and change their perception of food.

    • Gurpinar Azime Yilmaz Elementary School,Istanbul 2017
      Talked with Pinar Dogan about the basic principles of nutrition to primary school students and their parents. The negative effects of media and social media are discussed by using visuals such as videos and some photographs. 

    • Kastamonu University,Kastamonu 2017
      In the “Dietitians do not only help you lose weight” presentation, the roles of the dietitians from a different perspective were discussed.

    • FMV Isık High School,Istanbul 2017
      In the “Should we eat or not to have a six-pack and a zero-fat body?” presentation with Pinar Dogan, the negative effects  of media and social media in teenagers’ nutrition habits and physical appearance were discussed.

    • Maltepe Hasan Sadoglu Middle School,Istanbul 2017
      Talked with Pinar Dogan about the effects of social media in child nutrition and food advertisements by using examples.

    • Pinar Karsiyaka Basketball School, Istanbul 2017 
      Talked with Pinar Dogan about the basic principles of sports nutrition in teenagers; especially, the side effects of synthetic protein supplements.

    • CNNTurk,Istanbul 2017
      Discussed about various reasons of obesity and alternative solutions with Faculty of Medicine Assistant Professor Oytun Erbas, General Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Ahmet Turkcapar, Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Yavuz Yorukoglu, Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Gurkan Kubilay, Heart and Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Murat Kinikoglu and Dr. Fevzi Ozgonul in a live TV programme hosted by Deniz Bayramoglu.

    • PUMA, Istanbul 2016
      Presented a talk with Pinar Dogan about the basics of sports nutrition and nutrition in general.

    • Bosphorus University,Istanbul 2016
      Gave a presentation to the Professors of the Bosphorus University and the teachers of the kindergarten at the university. Talked about infant-child nutrition.

    • Gumushane University, Gumushane 2016
      Talked about the basic principles of nutrition.  Also mentioned how the media affect the way people eat and why they should not believe everything the media say with examples from real life.

    • TV 5, Bizimhane, Istanbul 2016
      Talked about nutrition during pregnancy and childhood

    • Beykent TV, Interview with Isilay Gedik, Istanbul 2016 
      Talked about what to watch out for after a month-long fasting during Ramadan and afterwards during the Eid. Also highlighted the importance of danger of open-buffet during the holidays

    • Beykent TV, Interview with Isilay Gedik,Istanbul 2016 
      Main points to watch out for when fasting during Ramadan. The importance of how to introduce solid foods to the babies when they are ready and the major mistakes mothers make. 

    • Fox TV, Morning news with , Ismail Kucukkaya,Istanbul 2016
      Presentation of the book called "I Will Start My Diet Tomorrow'

    • TV5, Interview with Ishak Beyazay on TV, "Reflection from the screen", Istanbul 2016
      The fatal effects of weight loss pills, the negative effects of food advertisements, baby health magazines that are not controlled by the Ministry of Health which leads to blogger writers who don't have scientific background and give wrong advice to parents
    • Georgetown Alumni Club of Turkey, Istanbul 2016
      The negative effects of big food industries on food choices and the importance of eating with awareness. 

    • Koc (Koç) Schools, Istanbul 2016 - Presented with Pinar Dogan, dietitian
      Informed students about the possible job opportunites at the "Career Day" after they get a nutrition degree in college 

    • Beykent TV,  Interview with Isilay Gedik on TV "The Two of Us", Istanbul 2016
      The important mistakes people make while losing weight. The essential points on child and pregnancy nutrition
    • SAYASA, Istanbul 2015 - Presented with Binnur Zaimler, astrologist
      Talked about the effects of a person's astrological chart in terms of her eating habits and the importance of consuming natural/organic food
    • Koc (Koç) Schools, Istanbul 2015 - Presented with Pinar Dogan, dietitian
      Talked about eating disorders, vegetarian diet, the effects of high dose of protein supplements on the body, the importance of consuming natural/organic food, mindful eating, unhealthy addictions (alcohol, cigarettes and so on...), the negative effects of social media in teenagers in terms of unhealthy eating habits and the importance of outlook
    • Aci (Açı) Schools, Istanbul 2015 - Presented with Pinar Dogan, dietitian
      Talked about eating disorders, vegetarian diet, the effects of high dose of protein supplements on the body, the importance of consuming natural/organic food, mindful eating, unhealthy addictions (alcohol, cigarettes and so on...), the negative effects of social media in teenagers in terms of unhealthy eating habits and the importance of outlook   https://www.facebook.com/AciLise/photos/pcb.1664774257122869/1664774043789557/?type=3&theater

    • Cine5 - Interview with Rana Cetin on TV "The Real Deal", Istanbul 2015
      The advantages and disadvantages of detoxing and low-calorie diets

    • Show TV - 8 pm News with Ece Uner on TV, Istanbul 2015
      Quick weight loss and pilates sessions 3 weeks after pregnancy

    • DeltaRubis, Istanbul 2014
      Offered healthy options for the employees who work in office buildings and making their lives easier in this aspect

    • NTV - Interview with Sedat Kucukay on TV "Vegetarians & Vegans", Istanbul 2012

    • Keystone International Schools,Istanbul 2012-2013
      The good effects of preparing & serving "healthy meals" at school

    • Sabancı University, Istanbul 2011
      The mistakes made when dieting and their pyschological and physical effects

    • Finansbank Headquarters,  Istanbul 2010
      Offered healthy options for the employees who work in office buildings and making their lives easier in this aspect

    • Plus International School,  Istanbul 2009
      The good effects of preparing & serving "healthy meals" at school

    Certificates and Training:

    • 3rd Annual World Congress on Pediatric Nutrition, Gastroenterology and Child Development,USA, New York 2018 - The latest clinical research and developments in Pediatric nutrition around the world 

    • Academy of Nutririon and Dietetics,USA, Boston 2016 Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo - The latest clinical research and developments in the area of nutrition science around the world. 

    • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, USA, Colorado 2016
      "Hearth to Health" Teaching food as medicine

    • First 1000 Days - From Infancy to Childhood & Pregnancy & Child Nutrition,Turkey, Ankara 2016

    • World Summit on Pediatrics - Probiotics, Functional & Baby Food Edition,Bulgaria, Sofia 2015
    • 6th International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition, USA, California 2013
    • Stott Pilates instructor training certification program, USA, California 2013
    • 11th Nordic Meeting of Dietitians, Finland, Helsinki 2011
    • Ist International Physical Activity, Nutrition and Health Congress, Turkey, Antalya 2011
    • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, USA, Connecticut 2010
      'Field to Plate' Interpreting the Journey from the Farm to the Plate
    • 28th American Overseas Dietetic Association Conference, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur 2009
    • 9th Nordic Nutrition Conference, Denmark, Copenhagen 2008
    • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, USA, Hawaii 2006
      Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo
    • Formmed Healthcare, Germany, Frankfurt 2005
      The International Distributor’s Meeting for Imupro 300 Food Intolerance Test
    • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics,USA, Virginia 2005
      Certificate of Training in Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management
    • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics,  USA, Virginia 2005
      Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management
    • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, USA, New York 2003
      Commission on Dietetic Registration, Registered Dietitian
    • International School for Colon Hydrotherapy, Inc, USA, Florida 2003
      Certified Colon Therapist

    Weight Loss and Detox Centers Attended & Evaluated:

    • Canyon Ranch, USA, Arizona 2014
      Healthy nutrition supported by both outdoor and indoor physical activities and personal enhancement programmes
    • Czapielski Mlyn, Poland, Gdansk 2012
      Low-calorie diet and detox programme accompanied with various spa treatments
    • Heilsu Hotel, Iceland, Keflavik 2011
      Follows vegan detox programme
    • Capri Palace, Italy, Capri 2010
      Low-calorie Mediterranean Diet accompanied with an excellent spa program
    • Buchinger Klinik, Germany, Koln 2007
      Follows an organic vegetarian fasting program
      Has a special program for diabetics
    • Incosol, Spain, Marbella 2005
      Applies a weight loss program together with special theraupetic spa treatments
    • Hippocrates Institute, USA, Florida 2004
      Specializes in a diet consuming only raw organic vegan food and juices
      Helps sick individuals to stop taking medication and improve their health
    • Green Mountain at Fox Run, USA, Vermont 2004
      Focuses only on diabetic women and women with weight concerns
    • Structure House in affiliation with Duke University, USA, North Carolina 2004
      Applies a weight loss program for diabetic people and individuals with weight problems
    • Pura Vida, Costa Rica, Alajuela 2003
      Intense yoga program to relax the body, mind and spirit accompanied with healthy natural foods
  • I had always struggled with my weight all my life. You could put the blame on the genes, bad eating habits, ruined psychology, all the traumas I had to go through.. all of them were present. Thus, I had a tendency to gain weight.

    One day a friend of mine recommended Didem to me. I did not have any expectations since I had tried many other dietitians before and I had never been successful. But when I went to SAYASA it was like heaven, so peaceful and full of positive energy. Then I met Didem. She won my heart at the first consultation. I thought she was going to weigh me and hand me a piece of paper that had a diet plan on it. She was not going to have any hopes that I was going to be able to lose weight. However, Didem talked to me for a very long time without getting bored instead with a warm and a big smile on her face all the time. Even when I lost only 200 grams we were both very happy about it. I looked forward to our each session together because Didem was like a true friend and a psychologist to me. On top of gaining a new true friend in my life I lost weight as well. She always supported me. I never forget what she said to me once: "Zeynep, life is all about balancing it. Why would you carry all that weight and torture yourself? Just get rid of everything that makes you feel heavy and feel light in every way" It has been really a great feeling to get rid of all the baggage I had been carrying with me. The psychological part is much more important than the physical level. Because Didem is able to deal both with the psychology and the physical levels of overeating I find her very successful. 

    I recommend Didem and SAYASA to everyone who needs help to lose weight because Didem made me feel important, listened to me all the time and presented me a positive world with all kinds of different healthy eating ways that I could manage.

    Zeynep Akıncı

  • Both SAYASA and Didem have great energy. I have been to many dietitians before SAYASA but when I started going to SAYASA I always felt like I was going to a therapist rather than a dietitian. If I could not lose weight that week, it was no problem at all. Didem and I tried to find out what went wrong and what we could do about it. And I always left SAYASA with joy and looking forward to our next meeting. And believe me, you lose the weight you want to lose! At SAYASA dieting is not a war anymore. You learn to balance your meals and as you balance your meals you realize how much this reflects on your soul and your life. Good things start happening in your life. Thanks so much Didem... I am sooo happy to have met you. 

    Merve Ongoren




    If a 10-year-old girl could do it, I believe anyone can do it. Of course, there were times when I had a difficult time but I believe, when you truly want something you go after it and achieve it. I am very happy to have met Didem. During the summer of 2012 she was my second mother. She never gave up on me or got bored spending all of her days with me for 6 weeks in a row. I am so happy that I achieved this success with the help of Didem. I would like to thank Didem and the SAYASA family for everything.


  • Unfortunately, I am not one of those people who have a high-speed metabolism and never gain weight! If I eat whatever I want to eat I can become as round as "Casper the friendly ghost" smile I had been struggling not to gain weight since my college years. Until I got help from Didem I had never thought that this should not have been a struggle for me. She did not tell me how to lose weight. She made me lose weight and taught me how to stay at that weight. She taught me how this could become my lifestyle. If I desired to eat sweets I could eat them but I could balance it with my next meal or the next day. After learning how to balance my meals I have had no trouble keeping my weight off. It just happens automatically. In case I eat too much (and this happens once a week for the most part) then I watch out what I eat on the next day and I am able to keep up with my current weight. This has been very easy for me. 

    Turgut Kagitci



  • As far as I could remember I always tried to be thinner than what I was at the moment. Many people around me kept saying "Don't be ridiculous. You are a bit chubby but this is your body type. You don't need to lose weight" However, I was never happy and kept trying one dietitian after another one. I always had 4-5 extra kilos that I had to lose. I managed to lose that extra weight from time to time but always gained it back right away. After giving birth this extra weight bothered me even more.

    One day as I was passing by with my car I saw the sign for SAYASA. I was curious about the place and immediately stopped by to see it and get some information. It was incredibly peaceful and clean! I met a woman whose eyes were sparkling and who was smiling from the bottom of her heart and was full of life. I knew that I could trust her. We started a diet programme on the following week. I cannot really call it "A diet plan" It was a plan to change my bad eating habits. Didem had a very different approach. She did not only talk to me about my eating habits but she also asked me about my life. We talked about my endless migraine attacks and stomach problems. And my unhappiness...

    When I told her that raw vegetables did not match with my stomach she said " Don't worry you don't have to eat them, listen to your body" When she told me that I could have 2 big crackers in the afternoons I asked her whether I could eat a panini because that made me very happy, she said "Go ahead. Be happy"

    One day I called her and asked "Today I crave chocolate, can I have some?" This was her reply to me smile "I ate chocolate yesterday all day long and I am watching out today." There was no "Forbidden food" in Didem's programme. Just in case you ate something that prevented you from losing the weight you wanted to then you could balance it with your other meals. And make sure to eat with your eyes closed and enjoy your food to the fullest. I lost the extra weight without struggling with it and kept it off since then. 

    I also joined yoga and pilates classes at SAYASA. Didem has many more qualities than just being a dietitian. She is at the same time a psychologist and a life coach. She should be in everybody's life. Thank you so much for everything my dearest Didem.

    Pinar Korkmaz




    While you learn to kick and punch using the sandbag you burn tremendous amounts of calories.

    Kick-boxing is an amazing cardio workout that you will never regret once you start doing it smile 

    Hours: Except Sunday everyday 07:00-21:30

    For further information please contact SAYASA

  • At SAYASA, each nutrition plan is tailored to the client's lifestyle and needs. The first appointment lasts 1-2 hours where we aim to get to know each client closely. We then prepare a detailed program designed according to the client’s lifestyle, eating habits, body and mind type, blood test results and metabolic rate. SAYASA uses both alternative and traditional Western approaches in our nutritional plans.

    Weight Loss

    In looking at weight loss, we analyze both physical and emotional eating problems. Our process aims to teach clients how to eat healthily and be more conscious of proper eating instead of trying quick remedies --- which, of course, never work. In our lexicon, there is no such a thing as "dieting" or "forbidden". Rather, these are the statements we create in our minds. We believe that only once you get rid of the idea of prohibiting yourself from eating, and set yourself free, you will then get rid of your extra weight.

    Weight Gain

    Weight gain is a significant issue for some clients. We help clients gain weight through regular exercise and a healthy nutrition plan. First, we search for the real reasons why the client cannot gain weight. Second, we tailor a client nutrition plan according to the results.

    Infant/Child Nutrition

    When raising a child, parents have many questions and concerns regarding adequate nutrition.  Here at SAYASA any concerns regarding breast-fed babies receiving adequate nutrition, introduction to solid foods, the proper age and the best practices for food preparation and administration, and appropriate growth and weight gain will be evaluated, appropriate feeding alternatives discussed and a detailed plan put into place. 

    Concerns regarding an infant or child being over or underweight will be thoroughly evaluated.  Detailed advice and education on the subject and correction of the problem will be provided with an individual plan developed and put into place. The childhood obesity rate has been dramatically increasing with many children experiencing related chronic illnesses as a result. Children learn their eating habits when they are young and carry these habits throughout their lives. Thus, it is essential that they learn how to eat correctly from the start. Let's bring up a healthy generation!

    Adult Nutrition

    A healthy diet plan is prepared for clients ages 18 and above according to their lifestyle and health profile. Individual plans are put into place to enable clients the ability to follow it all their lives. The plans are simple, clear and reasonable.

    Pregnancy Nutrition

    Many women have nightmares of gaining too much weight during pregnancy. We aim to help you get rid of those nightmares and enjoy your pregnancy through following a healthy nutrition plan for your baby and you. While your baby receives enough vitamins and minerals to grow healthy you go into delivery at an ideal weight.

    Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases

    A special nutrition plan is prepared for clients experiencing high cholesterol, blood pressure, thyroid issues and other such problems. In many cases, clients use medicine to suppress these problems. A much healthier and lasting approach is to adjust diet. We teach clients how to address their disease by changing their diet. Over time, a healthy diet allows clients to stop using their often very toxic medication. Many medications can cause unwanted side-effects.

    Diabetes Nutrition

    Complementary medicine says that people who don't taste life become diabetic. Let's add flavor to your life and get rid of this problem through correct nutrition and clear mind.

    Sports Nutrition

    Just doing sports is not enough to build the body you want. Inadequate carbohydrate, fat, protein and water levels may keep you from obtaining your goals. A simple evaluation may be just what you need.  Since you make such an effort, let’s do it in the correct way!

    Detox Programs

    Your body deserves to be refreshed. Get rid of the toxins that build up in your system and make you feel depressed. SAYASA provides cleansing colonics along with other detox plans. Let’s choose the most suitable detox plan for your body and apply it. Why not feel light, clean and pure, instead bloated, confused and sick!

    An hour at the Supermarket with Didem

    Let's learn more about the foods we consume. We can discover together how to make sense of nutrition and ingredient sections on food packaging. In this trip, we aim to teach the client to become a more educated and conscious consumer.

    Hours:  08:00-20:00 weekdays 

    For further information please contact SAYASA

  • Pilates:

    Similar to yoga, Pilates is formulated with the idea to let the mind control the body. Pilates enhances body alignment by focusing a workout on postural muscles. When exercised regularly, Pilates can help reduce back and neck pain as well as knee pain. It is one of the most effective exercise method to have the strongest abs ever.

    Joseph Pilates' idea was to get the body moving safely and efficiently without putting stress on the joints. The beauty of the reformer is that all the exercises can be performed throughout a full range of motion.

    All lessons are 50-minute long. One-on-one Pilates sessions are available by appointment. For further information please contact SAYASA


    is located on the hills of Dragos with a splendid view of Princes Islands. We aim here to relax you and find solutions to our clients’ problems in a peaceful and silent environment away from the problems of typical city life stress.

    The owner of SAYASAstruggled with her own weight for years. As a result of her experiences, at SAYASA we believe that nutritional problems should be handled by attending to body, mind and soul. These elements cannot be separated. Moreover, SAYASA believes that each individual is unique and thus is treated in a special way.

    At SAYASA, we also strongly believe that the positive energy that you feel here will additionally help you lose weight and motivate you.

  • TAE-BO

    Intense cardio workout with great music and choreography. If you are tired of walking or running this is a great way of sweating and burning calories in a super fun way without realizing how a 50-minute class passes. 

    Total commitment to whatever you do

    Awareness of your self and the world

    Excellence, the truest goal in anything you do

    Body as a force for total change

    Obedience to your will and your true desire

    Hours: Except Sunday everyday 07:00-21:30

    For further information please contact SAYASA

  • TRX

    is a resistance-strength training that one works with his own bodyweight against gravity. This is a great workout especially when combined with Pilates. Excellent workout to achieve great abs. 

    Through regular TRX training:

    You have stronger muscles and increase your muscle mass

    You get stronger abs with great shape

    You work all your muscles

    You can arrange the level of your workout according to your strength level

    Hours: Except Sunday 07:00-21:30

    For further information please contact SAYASA


  • I have always dreamt of opening a place like SAYASA. I struggled with my weight for years but finally managed to win the battle. I would like to share my success with you and help you.

    I originally thought that if I got my master’s degree in nutrition I could solve my problem; however, I realized that just knowing what to eat and not to eat does not always help you maintain a healthy weight. Otherwise, we would be all thin just from reading information in the newspapers, magazines and on the internet. I have been to many weight loss centers in many different locations around the world to lose weight.  As I stayed at those centers, I watched both myself and the other clients in respect of how they acted and reacted. Finally, I realized that only you yourself hold the key. I can only help you to use that key.

    When we go along this path together I want you to ask yourself this question: Do I really want to lose weight? What prevents me from losing the weight?” When you really want something very much you can overcome all the obstacles. What is preventing you? People don’t have weight problems, but they have eating problems. In order to solve the problem we have to find out the reason behind it. Otherwise, the solutions will always be temporary.
    If you are one of those tired warriors who have been struggling with your weight problem and decided not to fight anymore, I can tell you this much: I hope that you find a part of yourself at SAYASA and that we could help you here.

    I hope that you all stay with love and feel it every second of your life.

    A little but a very important note: I would like to thank Hakan Arabacioglu who designed my website and Ekin Ilkbag who took the pictures for my website for everything from the bottom of my heart.

    Didem Kanca Ustay MS, RD

  • Didem Kanca Ustay and SAYASA are not just for weight control and healthy living. You should meet her to change your way of viewing life in a positive way and SAYASA is a "must" place to visit. It is the address of happiness and peace for me. 

    Ebru Atılgan