At SAYASA, each nutrition plan is tailored to the client's lifestyle and needs. The first appointment lasts 1-2 hours where we aim to get to know each client closely. We then prepare a detailed program designed according to the client’s lifestyle, eating habits, body and mind type, blood test results and metabolic rate. SAYASA uses both alternative and traditional Western approaches in our nutritional plans.

Weight Loss

In looking at weight loss, we analyze both physical and emotional eating problems. Our process aims to teach clients how to eat healthily and be more conscious of proper eating instead of trying quick remedies --- which, of course, never work. In our lexicon, there is no such a thing as "dieting" or "forbidden". Rather, these are the statements we create in our minds. We believe that only once you get rid of the idea of prohibiting yourself from eating, and set yourself free, you will then get rid of your extra weight.

Weight Gain

Weight gain is a significant issue for some clients. We help clients gain weight through regular exercise and a healthy nutrition plan. First, we search for the real reasons why the client cannot gain weight. Second, we tailor a client nutrition plan according to the results.

Infant/Child Nutrition

When raising a child, parents have many questions and concerns regarding adequate nutrition.  Here at SAYASA any concerns regarding breast-fed babies receiving adequate nutrition, introduction to solid foods, the proper age and the best practices for food preparation and administration, and appropriate growth and weight gain will be evaluated, appropriate feeding alternatives discussed and a detailed plan put into place. 

Concerns regarding an infant or child being over or underweight will be thoroughly evaluated.  Detailed advice and education on the subject and correction of the problem will be provided with an individual plan developed and put into place. The childhood obesity rate has been dramatically increasing with many children experiencing related chronic illnesses as a result. Children learn their eating habits when they are young and carry these habits throughout their lives. Thus, it is essential that they learn how to eat correctly from the start. Let's bring up a healthy generation!

Adult Nutrition

A healthy diet plan is prepared for clients ages 18 and above according to their lifestyle and health profile. Individual plans are put into place to enable clients the ability to follow it all their lives. The plans are simple, clear and reasonable.

Pregnancy Nutrition

Many women have nightmares of gaining too much weight during pregnancy. We aim to help you get rid of those nightmares and enjoy your pregnancy through following a healthy nutrition plan for your baby and you. While your baby receives enough vitamins and minerals to grow healthy you go into delivery at an ideal weight.

Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases

A special nutrition plan is prepared for clients experiencing high cholesterol, blood pressure, thyroid issues and other such problems. In many cases, clients use medicine to suppress these problems. A much healthier and lasting approach is to adjust diet. We teach clients how to address their disease by changing their diet. Over time, a healthy diet allows clients to stop using their often very toxic medication. Many medications can cause unwanted side-effects.

Diabetes Nutrition

Complementary medicine says that people who don't taste life become diabetic. Let's add flavor to your life and get rid of this problem through correct nutrition and clear mind.

Sports Nutrition

Just doing sports is not enough to build the body you want. Inadequate carbohydrate, fat, protein and water levels may keep you from obtaining your goals. A simple evaluation may be just what you need.  Since you make such an effort, let’s do it in the correct way!

Detox Programs

Your body deserves to be refreshed. Get rid of the toxins that build up in your system and make you feel depressed. SAYASA provides cleansing colonics along with other detox plans. Let’s choose the most suitable detox plan for your body and apply it. Why not feel light, clean and pure, instead bloated, confused and sick!

An hour at the Supermarket with Didem

Let's learn more about the foods we consume. We can discover together how to make sense of nutrition and ingredient sections on food packaging. In this trip, we aim to teach the client to become a more educated and conscious consumer.

Hours:  08:00-20:00 weekdays 

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