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At SAYASA, we offer you the chance to attend our combination classes of exercises and Pilates. The weather determines whether we hold classes in an outdoor garden or in our spacious fitness room overlooking Istanbul’s isolated Princes Islands. In either case, if you attend these classes on a regular basis, you are guaranteed to have a more fit body as well as improved posture.

Hours: 08:00am - 9:30pm Monday - Saturday


Similar to yoga, Pilates is formulated with the idea to let the mind control the body. Pilates enhances body alignment by focusing a workout on postural muscles. When exercised regularly, Pilates can help reduce back and neck pain as well as knee pain. It is one of the most effective exercise method to have the strongest abs ever.

Joseph Pilates' idea was to get the body moving safely and efficiently without putting stress on the joints. The beauty of the reformer is that all the exercises can be performed throughout a full range of motion.

All lessons are 50-minute long. One-on-one Pilates sessions are available by appointment. For further information please contact SAYASA