After I had my second baby at the age of 39, I thought I could go back to my pre-pregnancy body right away as I did when I had my first baby at the age of 21. I have never had any weight problems and I could always easily fit into size 38 Zara jeans until my second pregnancy. However, after I gave birth I could never lose the weight because of my intense work life. My son turned 8 and I still had the excess weight from my pregnancy. Since I have never gone in a diet before in my life dieting was not for me but I always liked sports. I said to myself: "Well, you have heard about pilates so much, why don't I give it a try and see whether it truly works or not?"

I have been working with the great instructors of SAYASA for the last 5 months twice a week and I can see that the result is amazing. I can understand this through the admiring eyes of other females. It is great to feel this! When I went to see my daughter in Montreal during the school break I can tell you with pride that everybody whom I met there told me that I could be her sister but not her mothersmile And it was wonderful to see my daughter Doga being proud of me again. I would like to first thank Didem, then thank the whole SAYASA family for everything. 

Keystone International Schools founder Sema Sever