Unfortunately, I am not one of those people who have a high-speed metabolism and never gain weight! If I eat whatever I want to eat I can become as round as "Casper the friendly ghost" smile I had been struggling not to gain weight since my college years. Until I got help from Didem I had never thought that this should not have been a struggle for me. She did not tell me how to lose weight. She made me lose weight and taught me how to stay at that weight. She taught me how this could become my lifestyle. If I desired to eat sweets I could eat them but I could balance it with my next meal or the next day. After learning how to balance my meals I have had no trouble keeping my weight off. It just happens automatically. In case I eat too much (and this happens once a week for the most part) then I watch out what I eat on the next day and I am able to keep up with my current weight. This has been very easy for me. 

Turgut Kagitci