As far as I could remember I always tried to be thinner than what I was at the moment. Many people around me kept saying "Don't be ridiculous. You are a bit chubby but this is your body type. You don't need to lose weight" However, I was never happy and kept trying one dietitian after another one. I always had 4-5 extra kilos that I had to lose. I managed to lose that extra weight from time to time but always gained it back right away. After giving birth this extra weight bothered me even more.

One day as I was passing by with my car I saw the sign for SAYASA. I was curious about the place and immediately stopped by to see it and get some information. It was incredibly peaceful and clean! I met a woman whose eyes were sparkling and who was smiling from the bottom of her heart and was full of life. I knew that I could trust her. We started a diet programme on the following week. I cannot really call it "A diet plan" It was a plan to change my bad eating habits. Didem had a very different approach. She did not only talk to me about my eating habits but she also asked me about my life. We talked about my endless migraine attacks and stomach problems. And my unhappiness...

When I told her that raw vegetables did not match with my stomach she said " Don't worry you don't have to eat them, listen to your body" When she told me that I could have 2 big crackers in the afternoons I asked her whether I could eat a panini because that made me very happy, she said "Go ahead. Be happy"

One day I called her and asked "Today I crave chocolate, can I have some?" This was her reply to me smile "I ate chocolate yesterday all day long and I am watching out today." There was no "Forbidden food" in Didem's programme. Just in case you ate something that prevented you from losing the weight you wanted to then you could balance it with your other meals. And make sure to eat with your eyes closed and enjoy your food to the fullest. I lost the extra weight without struggling with it and kept it off since then. 

I also joined yoga and pilates classes at SAYASA. Didem has many more qualities than just being a dietitian. She is at the same time a psychologist and a life coach. She should be in everybody's life. Thank you so much for everything my dearest Didem.

Pinar Korkmaz