I had always struggled with my weight all my life. You could put the blame on the genes, bad eating habits, ruined psychology, all the traumas I had to go through.. all of them were present. Thus, I had a tendency to gain weight.

One day a friend of mine recommended Didem to me. I did not have any expectations since I had tried many other dietitians before and I had never been successful. But when I went to SAYASA it was like heaven, so peaceful and full of positive energy. Then I met Didem. She won my heart at the first consultation. I thought she was going to weigh me and hand me a piece of paper that had a diet plan on it. She was not going to have any hopes that I was going to be able to lose weight. However, Didem talked to me for a very long time without getting bored instead with a warm and a big smile on her face all the time. Even when I lost only 200 grams we were both very happy about it. I looked forward to our each session together because Didem was like a true friend and a psychologist to me. On top of gaining a new true friend in my life I lost weight as well. She always supported me. I never forget what she said to me once: "Zeynep, life is all about balancing it. Why would you carry all that weight and torture yourself? Just get rid of everything that makes you feel heavy and feel light in every way" It has been really a great feeling to get rid of all the baggage I had been carrying with me. The psychological part is much more important than the physical level. Because Didem is able to deal both with the psychology and the physical levels of overeating I find her very successful. 

I recommend Didem and SAYASA to everyone who needs help to lose weight because Didem made me feel important, listened to me all the time and presented me a positive world with all kinds of different healthy eating ways that I could manage.

Zeynep Akıncı